News: Highland Towers Site To Be Redeveloped Into Park, Bungalows

Mar 20, 2019

After standing vacant for 28 years following a tragedy which claimed 48 lives, the land presently occupied by Highland Towers will be transformed into a recreational park with 50 bungalows. 

Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin revealed that development will start after the demolition of the two standing tower blocks and the resolution of the 10 remaining property owners’ status, reported Malay Mail.

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“This coming April 4 will be the case management to write off the 10 owners once we have cleared them. If they don’t make any claims, we will move on to the next stage,” Zuraida stated.

“In the long run, the developer plans to develop a recreational park and 50 bungalows around it as it is not a high-risk development, and the park will benefit the area’s residents.”

She added that the name Highland Towers “will remain as it is part of history”.

Meanwhile, Ampang MP has stated that the Highland Towers Redevelopment Committee’s report on the land safety will be ready by the first week of May.

The committee, which comprised experts as well as representatives from 10 major stakeholders, was tasked to research, analyse, evaluate, monitor and execute the proposed redevelopment process for the Ulu Klang site.

Last September, Zuraida said the remaining buildings will finally be torn down 25 years after the tragic landslide.

On 11 December 1993, a landslide caused one of the three apartment towers to collapse, resulting in the deaths of many residents.

Image source from The Star Online


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